CANADA: Keeping Our Daughter Safe

The minute my daughter was born, I knew that I would do anything to keep her safe. That I would pay any amount of money to ensure her needs were met, to keep her healthy, and make certain she grew up in a safe environment.

Even if I didn’t have the funds available.

When we found out that she had a peanut allergy, that feeling tripled.

We were lucky to have already had her placed in a daycare that was peanut free and aware of the dangers of introducing nuts into the environment. They took care to ensure there was a safety plan in place should she ever be exposed or require her EpiPen, and had an emergency contact form filled out and posted. (more…)

CANADA: The Hardest Job in the World

It's so hard not to give into that face!

I grew up in a very structured house with clear rules, expectations, and responsibilities. There were consequences for inappropriate behaviour, and we were well aware of them.

One parent was not more lenient than the other, they worked as a team.

At the time I thought they were unfair, overbearing, and awful. I felt like I had no freedom, had to plead every time I wanted responsibility, and was missing out on excitement.

Looking back, I can see that I was given a stable home, independence and the ability to learn from my mistakes.

Now that I have a child of my own, I am quickly learning that consistency, structure, and a united front is crucial in raising a child.

But it is difficult. (more…)

CANADA: Get Out There and Shop!!

Whether we like it, or not, the holidays are only a few weeks away and that means shopping.

And lots of it.

I adore shopping, however, I am usually browsing the stores with children, sweating profusely, and football holding while I pull my hair out.

So to save you all the same anxiety attacks I have some key tips that will save you during this busy time of year.

1. Before leaving pack a bag with various snacks, drinks, diapers, changes of clothes, books, crayons, the kitchen sink and anything else that might keep your child(ren) for 10 minutes. (more…)

CANADA: I Will Never Sleep Again…

Her tiny legs wavered under her, unsure, unsteady.

Still chubby with baby rolls, she crouched frozen and uncertain, not ready to trust her balance and our encouraging claps.

I felt my heart flutter as I remember the newborn baby she once was. Her smell, her sweet snuggles, her soft cheeks.

It seemed like only yesterday. (more…)

CANADA: A Survival Guide For My Child

1. Do not shave your legs until absolutely necessary. You will feel pressure from you friends to do it but be strong. Many of them probably have hairier legs than you do and are quick and fast. Do not be loose and fancy free like these shaving lunatics. The longer you can go without putting razor to skin the better. You will thank me when you’re 30 and trying to find pants on a hot summers day because you don’t have time to drag a blade over your dry skin.

Mullet Hairstyle

2. There are certain things you should not do to your hair no matter what the fashion trend; perms, undercut, rat tails, and the mullet.  Unless you are the lead in a multi million dollar film and you are going to be paying for my retirement, of course. (more…)