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Initially founded in 2010 as World Moms Blog with a small corps of 7 contributors writing from just 3 countries, World Moms Network now has grown to include 60 contributors writing from more than 30 countries (and still growing)! [Visit our Contributors’ Page for a current list of the countries we report from.]

World Moms Network is a place where you can read about issues of parenthood from around the world focusing on topics of motherhood, culture, human rights and social good.

Our global contributors have been invited to the White House, the World Bank and the United Nations. We have been awarded journalistic fellowships to Brazil, Ethiopia, Uganda and the United States of America to report or speak on social good topics such as global health, maternal and newborn health, education and development. We also received Social Media & Global Influencer Fellowships by the UN Foundation in New York City, attended Shot@Life Vaccination Advocacy Summits and the ONE Campaign’s Women and Girls’ Summit in Washington, DC.

World Mom endeavors include launching an 8-month social media campaign called “#Moms4MDGs,” which raised awareness of the United Nation’s goals to help end poverty, the Millennium Development Goals. Our twitter parties under this hashtag created millions of impressions. Collaboratively, we have raised thousands of dollars through benefits and campaigns to improve the lives of women and children around the globe.
World Moms are at the heart of our global community! They run our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram feeds. Since our inception, we have operated as a 100% all-volunteer organization.

If you are interested in learning more about World Moms Network, please visit our CONTACT page for more information on how to get involved or how your organization can work with us. We envision a world where every mom is a World Mom. Thank you for visiting today!





Who We Are

Our Mission

Connecting mothers; empowering women around the globe.



Our Vision

We envision a world of peace and equality, born through our common ground of motherhood.

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Alcohol Addiction: Swimming To The Surface

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Walking between Two Worlds: An Asian American Experience

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