INDIA: Bonding Between Mother and Child

Today - My Husband and SonTonight I was watching a movie ‘Mother and Child’ and some of the scenes in the movie suddenly brought home to me how much it paralleled my own thoughts. And I got down to penning this post.

Nearly two-and-a-half years ago, I was ecstatic about being pregnant. Every time I heard that a friend had a baby or that another one was pregnant, I was left wondering: “When will it be my turn?” or, as we say in India: “Mera number kab aayega?*”  Thus it was with great elation that I received news of my own pregnancy.

I was all set for the long nine months and soon realised that a pregnancy was not the cake-walk that it was made out to be in Indian movies, where the heroine was assumed to be pregnant as soon as she started vomiting after marriage, and then there was a song sequence in which the family (especially the husband) (more…)

Fire Crystals (India)

Fire Crystals, born in the Middle Eastern country of Kuwait, is now a techie living in the state known as God’s Own Country in India. Her interests are books (her favourite!), blogging and computers. However, with the arrival of her little one, sleep is another activity that is fast making her top 3 list! On another note, this mother dreads her kitchen like the plague! She hates cooking, especially Indian cooking due to the large variety of spices and things that need to go in to make it palatable, though she has no qualms over devouring any product from the cooking range. However, the thought of having to do any major cooking still makes her all flustered and anxious.

Fire Crystals has an 11-month old son and a wonderful Hubby, two of her favourite people in the world. (Awww, how sweet!) Both support her writing initiatives: her Hubby by reading her work when she pesters him enough, and her son by helpfully hitting all the keys on her PC. She has recently become a rejuvenated writer since starting a personal blog and then letting it rust away in some unknown corner of Blogger. After her son was born last March, Fire Crystals had an epiphany in the form of a blogger friend who had discovered her under-used blog and encouraged her to write again. So, after a hiatus of 2 years, she transferred her belongings to WordPress and began blogging again. And, this time she was reeled back in -- hook, line and sinker!

Fire Crystals came across World Moms Blog soon after it’s launch, and admits to being addicted to the articles in it. Now, she is thrilled to be a World Moms Blog contributor, too! She hopes her bevy of experiences as a newbie mother will add variety to the blog and enrich it, and sends out a “Namaskaar!” (salutations) to all our readers! You can also find Fire Crystals on her personal blog, Merry Musing.

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